Snowdays Foundation is based out of Portland, Oregon and is a 100% volunteer managed 501-C3 non-profit.

Our Mission

To engage young people through the challenge of learning to snowboard and empower them to apply their on-mountain wins in their everyday lives.

We provide youth mentors with a motivating tool that engages students through the challenge of learning to snowboard and empowers them with new confidence to achieve personal success.

Board of Directors

  • Jen Lorentzen: Chair of Board, Communications & Industry
  • Zelyna Sillas: Community
  • Jaron Heard: Technology & Inclusion
  • Kyle Sharpe: Student & Partner Relations
  • Kaylee Helfrecht: Operations
  • Dale Casey: Grants & Partnerships
  • Andrew Handcuff: Events
  • Malia Ramos: Bend & Events
  • Pat Nelson: Fundraising (Donors)
  • Tori Sharpe: Development


  • Eric Benedon: Program Director


Snowdays Foundation was founded in 2004 by Portland teacher, Patrick Edwards, and professional snowboarder, Travis Parker. That year we took up our first group of students to Mt Hood from Jefferson High School.