Our Supporters

Each one of us had a specific moment when snowboarding become a part of our lives. We supply youth who would not otherwise have an opportunity with that experience. Beyond increasing kids confidence levels, providing an outlet and a new experience, we also provide the students with an incentive to stay in their programs and stay connected to their communities.

Snowdays: how the snow industry gives back.



Brands we’ve worked with in the past:

We would also like to thank the following generous donors:

  • Portland’s Vital Signs
  • David Acker
  • Carol and Kenneth Collins
  • Exeter Counselling Center
  • Otis Healy
  • Kathleen Hurt
  • Randee Laikind
  • Heidi Miller
  • Dr Mark and Kelly Purnell
  • Stephanie Purnell
  • Harvey Schaktman & Amy Reiser
  • White Room Software
  • Thomas Wilson
  • Dave McIntyre
  • Roland Lucas
  • Jason Hartmann
  • Grace Tran
  • Dan Rasay
  • Sublimity Snow & Skateboards
  • Christine Azar
  • Frances Hoover
  • Dustin Anderson
  • Wurster Family Foundation
  • Meadowview Family LLC
  • Eddie Barnhart
  • Thistle Hill Farm
  • Hardison Family