Big Chill Art Recap

We can’t thank the artists enough who submitted board graphics for this year’s Widmer Big Chill event at Grand Central Bowling! For the time you took to create something in 2D (and some 3D!) we were able to get 25 kids up to the snow this season! That exposure to the mountain and the sport makes a huge difference to a local kid. Thank you for sparking change in someone’s life!

Thanks to YoBeatPDX PipelineShred Hood and Frequency for helping promote the event!

We apologize for the quality of our photos, this is the best we have. Thanks again Dave Banks, Janessa Bork, Mairwen Eslinger, Eugene Good, Charlie Alan Kraft, Andy Lunday, Maren Olsen, Derek Peace, Yvonne Perez Emerson, Lindsey Prestrud, Anthony Russo, Devin Ryan, Sean Scotland, Jeff Sheridan, Tina Snow Le, Michael Stein, Vilem Stosek-Hamzsek, Jason Sturgill, Kalina Torino and Eric Wiering.