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Trip 5: Momentum Alliance 1

We kicked off a sunny and warm Saturday with the crew from Momentum Alliance! The temps were in the mid 40s so a few folks shed jackets and everyone go a little sun on their faces. We had a bunch of really fast learners! Participants got on the lift before lunch, and more joined them after. […]

Trip 4: Hacienda 2

You would think that on a Snowdays trip it’s usually the coaches teaching the students stuff. Well, the rad part about riding with Hacienda this last weekend was the students had a lot to teach us. Estefany gave us a lesson in perseverance as she hiked the hill all day learning how to J-turn. Scooby […]

Trip 3: Centennial

Let me tell you about a student named Abel. Abel’s first time snowboarding was on Snowday’s first trip with Centennial Middle School earlier this season. He had his sights fixed on the chairlift, but was frustrated because he wasn’t catching on. It can be a long and difficult trip down from the top of the […]

Trip 2: Hacienda

Our trip with Hacienda was my first of the season and we had a great crew. Long time volunteers Dale and Afrita were joined by new comers Anna and Mari. Everyone jumped in once we got to Summit and we had few groups skating, doing turns, and falling leaf before lunch. I was stoked that […]

Trip 1: Centennial

Our first trip of the year brought many first-time snowboarders from Centennial Middle School up to Mt. Hood. Students set a motivated pace early that continued the entire day. Some showed up as much as half an hour early to our scheduled pickup. It’s always fun to listen to the chatter on the way up […]

Trip 9: IHAD

Trip #9 with I Have A Dream Foundation was an absolute blast. One of the cool things about IHAD is they work with the same group of kids from elementary through their second year out of high school. A few new students had been added since last year, but many of the students were able […]

Trip 8: Momentum

This week marked our second trip of the season with Momentum Alliance.  We were blessed with clear blue skies and some beautiful Oregon sunshine.  Winter finally returned to the northwest as Mt. Hood received several inches of new snow over the previous 48 hours and temperatures dropped below freezing for what felt like the first […]

Trip 7: Hacienda

Trip two with Hacienda was all sunny skies and mostly returning students. Our last trip ended with some freezing rain so the spring conditions were welcome. Students picked things up fast and we saw some big improvements. On the car ride down I passed out pens and papers and asked students to write or draw […]

Trip 6: Momentum Alliance

Partnering up with Momentum Alliance – a non-profit designed to inspire youth to realize their power individually and collectively, and to mentor future social justice leaders – this past trip was absolutely great. We started off the morning getting to know each other by sharing our names, the school we attended and our favorite dance […]