If you’re not in Portland or Bend, here is a list of foundations and organizations with the shared goal of fostering more diversity in snowboarding.

For an overview of each with more info > Snowboarder Mag (6/20).

@shredfndn (Windham Mountain, NY)

@hoodstowoods (Brooklyn, NYC)

@revertfoundation (Tahoe, CA)

@stokedorg (Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago)

@carvingthefuture (Jackson, WY)

Rota Rippers at Rotarun (Sun Valley, ID)

@chillfoundation (Los Angeles, CA, Reno, NV, Seattle, WA, Vancouver, BC, Denver, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Burlington, VT, DC/Baltimore, Manchester, NH, New York, NY, Toronto, ON)

@sosoutreach (Denver/Frisco/Edwards CO, Park City UT, North Lake Tahoe NV and South Lake Tahoe CA)

@bigskyyouthempowerment (Big Sky, MT)

@theserviceboard (Seattle, WA)

@outdooroutreach (San Diego, CA)

@_theskiduck (Tahoe, CA)

@snowcampcharity (UK)

@loppetfoundation (Minneapolis, MN)


@sharewinterfoundation (recipient for evo D&I training grant)

@dillonojolifelinefoundation (unaffiliated)

If you know of any other organizations we could be aligned with, please let us know!