Skatedays trips to Seek Skateboard Camp happen Saturdays during July and August for Portland mentoring organizations.

Volunteers don’t need to be experts at skateboarding or certified instructors to coach. We only ask that you are excited about skateboarding and sharing that excitement with teenage participants. Your day as a coach can range from helping someone stand on a board for the first time to playing a game of S.K.A.T.E. Sign up to volunteer here!

Breakdown of the Day:

Participants will arrive at partner location at 10:30 and the bus will depart at 11 in order to arrive at Seek by 12. Our session will wrap up at 4:30 so that we can be back in Portland around 6.

Volunteers are welcome to meet at the partner location and ride the bus, or meet the group at Seek at 11:45.

We provide lunch and snacks at Seek. We encourage participants to bring reusable water bottles if possible since there is a water refill station on site. Participants are welcome to take a break whenever they need.

When the bus arrives, Skatedays volunteers will pass out pads, helmets, and boards. Once everyone has their gear, we will circle up to talk about what to expect for the day and break into groups based on skill level.

Beginners will start the day learning on grass, during this period we will cover things like stepping onto the board and maintaining balance. We will move to a flat area to learn pushing and bringing both feet onto the board.

As participants progress, they will move into smaller groups with more focused coaching from Skatedays volunteers.

If participants with skateboarding experience can demonstrate certain skills, they are free to explore designated areas of the park with a Skatedays coach.

The whole group will meet back at the top of the park for a closing circle. We will recap the day and celebrate each other’s accomplishments!

Skatedays volunteers will collect pads, helmets, and boards before everyone gets back on the bus.

Bus ride back to original pick up location.

We’ll be posted up up top with access to the concrete park below. Trips inside will be on a case-by-case base. No trampoline access.

Why Skateboarding?
While Seek is a perfect place to learn, the beauty of skateboarding is that it’s accessible right outside your home. With that, its social emotional benefits are accessible in your daily life.

Mental Health
Skateboarding can alleviate symptoms of depression and other mental health issues by providing an emotional outlet and a sense of meaning (1,3). It allows for creative freedom, which can improve self-esteem and shift focus away from negative thought patterns (2). The constant challenge of learning new tricks and overcoming failures builds resilience and coping mechanisms for stress (3). Additionally, skateboarding creates a sense of flow and present moment awareness, which can reduce anxiety and improve overall well-being (1).

A shared interest in skateboarding creates a common ground, allowing skaters to bond over their learning experiences and challenges, leading to lasting relationships and a supportive network (4). Skateboarding also fosters collaboration and unity through learning tricks together or organizing skatepark meetups (5). The skateboarding community values inclusivity and celebrates individuality, breaking down barriers of age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status, and providing a supportive environment for all members, regardless of background or identity (6).

Self-Expression and Self-Empowerment
Skaters develop their own distinct style, reflecting their personalities and creative visions. Whether in their approach to obstacles or their choice of skateboard graphic, skateboarding allows individuals to showcase their uniqueness without constraints (6). The process of learning and progressing in skateboarding also requires resilience and determination. Overcoming failures and persevering through challenges instills a sense of inner strength and empowerment that translates into other aspects of life (5).

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