Trip 7: I Have A Dream Foundation

20130316_IHADThis weekend the I Have a Dream Foundation took 15 of their Dreamers and chaperones up to Government Camp for a taste of the alpine life. They stayed in a mountain cabin for a few days and got a chance to play in the snow. Snowdays took this opportunity to add some snowboarding to the experience and the trip ended up being a huge success.

Usually on a trip, Snowdays will drive two vans full of students, volunteers and gear up to the mountain and back. This affords us time to socialize with the students, get them clothed in their snow gear and feed them some breakfast. Today was different. Today we drove one van, sparsely populated with four of our volunteers and four gear bins. Outfitting and feeding would happen in Summit Ski Area’s lodge. Thanks to some advanced planning, Summit had all of our rental boards and boots ready to go for us with no waiting. Thanks Summit! We breezed through that process without a hiccup. Since the Dreamers had already eaten breakfast at their cabin, it was mostly volunteers grabbing quick snacks before hitting the slope. After a quick icebreaker (fun fact: many Dreamers’ favorite animals are wild cats) we were warmed up and learning the basics of sideways snow sliding AKA snowboarding.