Trip 8: Trillium Charter School

Sun in the Pacific Northwest always multiples the good times. So what happens when you start with all your friends snowboarding during spring break and then the sun comes out? It’s a recipe for a pretty awesome day. That’s what happened at our second trip with the Students from Trillium Charter School.

Joe, Kona, and Ras
Joe, Kona, and Ras

The students had really solid skills from our last trip with them. After a brief warm up, almost everyone was ready to go up the chairlift and practice their sweet turns. I was with Sarah and Flo. Their heel side turns looked great so we started trying some toe side stopping and carving. When you crest the first little ridge at Summit, it opens up to wide open groomers. My students were so stoked to go down this for the first time. Despite it being a Saturday of spring break, there was almost no one there. We had lots of room to get wild, fall down a bit, and have fun. By the end of the day, both students were getting their carve going. Nice work girls!

Students on the chairlift
“Hey Elvis and Erin? What do vegan zombies eat?” “GRAAAAINS!”

By the afternoon, it was a total slush fest but everyone was having a good time. Lots of slush balls, corny chairlift jokes, and mini-ollies. We ended the day with lots of smiles, but no sunburns! Thanks volunteer Melini for getting out that SPF 50. Thanks for a great trip Trillium Staff and Students! See you next year.

Good day!