We provide mentors of young people a motivating tool which engages students through the challenge of snowboarding *outdoor activity and empowers them to apply this physical and mental success in their everyday lives.

In this difficult year, we knew snowboarding wasn’t in the cards but we were committed to serving our youth. We dug deep, evaluated the core of what our experience provides and came up with… the Summit Challenge. An alternative way for us all to still get the freshest air possible this year.

Participants received a backpack with a pedometer and outdoor supplies to conquer the Cascades (virtually, in their neighborhoods). We’re using google classroom to track and host bonus challenges along the way to add to the fun and wellness that comes with outdoor exercise.


About us

Snowdays is a 501(c)(3) organization that is 100% volunteer run by those involved in the snowboard industry or passionate about the benefits of snowboarding.

Founded one snow day in 2004 by professional snowboarder Travis Parker and his cousin, teacher Patrick Edwards in Portland.

Entering our seventeenth year, we have grown to offer twelve trips per season in Portland and hope to expand to include Bend, OR in 2021.


Being in the outdoors and engaging in physical activity improves well-being and positive outlook.


Student and mentor relationships are formed and strengthened because they are successful together.


When the students overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles it teaches them to see challenges as opportunities.


Increasing self-esteem and long-term self-efficacy reduces problem behaviors for the group as a whole.

One of the best experiences i've had with our youth.

By working through challenges on the mountain, students gain self-confidence, strengthen relationships with mentors, and gain a deeper appreciation for the mountain.